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Half of the market value of a brand depends largely on its online reputation and for this reason, more and more businesses are relying on ORM services in India to build their brand value. And it hardly matters whether you own a small business or a Fortune 500 company, as your reputation as an online business can either make or mar your fortunes.

IT Magnetic is an online reputation management company you can trust for building your brand value. We will monitor your brand’s reputation and interrupt to remove negative links whenever we find toxic content spilled to spoil your brand image


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our ORM Services

  • Generate Review
  • Monitoring Reputation
  • Review Marketing
  • Repair Online Reputation
  • Manage Survey Campaign

Our ORM Process

  • Analysis
  • Asset Development
  • Create Content
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Publishing
  • Promotion

Our Online Reputation Management Services

We provide the following ORM services in India to cover all your online reputation related needs

Corporate Reputation Management Services

Corporate Reputation Management Services

IT Magnetic is the best ORM company because our strategies are based on deep analysis and thorough research of all the important factors. We take each project seriously because we understand the value of online reputation for every client. We have empowered ourselves to provide end-to-end ORM services in India.

Celebrity Reputation Management Services Celebrity Reputation Management Services

Celebrity Reputation Management Services

Celebrities are more reputation conscious because their reputation is their biggest asset. IT Magnetic is the ORM company in India that provides complete ORM services India to celebrities. We will become your manager, look at the content going in your name, and remove negative links that could spoil your image.

Professional Reputation Management Services

Professional Reputation Management Services

Every professional makes an image before the targeted audiences and if this image gets spoiled, the profession would get tanked. But our online reputation management company can save your profession from drowning due to negative content. We will remove negative links to keep you floating in search results and social media.

Hospital Reputation Management Services

Hospital Reputation Management Services

IT Magnetic possesses the knowledge and expertise needed to strengthen the medical and healthcare services provided by the global chain of hospitals and clinics. Being the best ORM company, we’ve been engaged with the reputation management of hospitals for a long time. We know what ORM services India works for healthcare facilities.

Hotel Reputation Management Services

Hotel Reputation Management Services

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that hotels get business according to their reputation that is developed ORM services India. And IT Magnetic feels the pride to announce that most global hospitality brands hire our online reputation management company to manage their brand images. Also, we provide customized services to hotels.

Brand Reputation Management Services

Brand Reputation Management Services

IT Magnetic is the best ORM company because it knows how to manage brand image. We rely on data collected by market research and behavior analysis of the targeted audience. We know how to boost brand value and how to remove negative links to keep images safe from spurious content.

FAQ- Online Reputation Management

Google takes up to 6 weeks in indexing sites but it is difficult to say how much time it takes to repair the image of a brand. The question should be whether ORM services in India could be fixed or not.

An ORM company in India can only channelize bad comments into good ones. And it can take a week up to a week in this job. The best thing done is to ask the reviewers what made them make negative comments.

No, you can’t remove negative links from platforms, but you can easily sideline those comments with the help of an ORM company in India. Those claiming to remove bad words are making false claims.

No, you can’t remove negative links but you can deal with bad comments with help of the best ORM company. The best strategy to deal with negative comments is to sideline those bad words.

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